The 2017 Miami Latin Dance Championships

The Miami Latin Dance Championships, hosted by Bachateando Miami, was created by UV Latin Dance Academy, as a way to provide another local competitive opportunity for the amateur dancers of the Florida Latin Dance scene. Of course, dancers from all over the world are welcome to participate as well, in what we promise to be a well organized and high caliber experience for all competitors. We offer pro-am and am-am heated categories, as well as showcase categories. 


A “showcase category” is a choreography round where dancers execute a choreographed routine to a song they have chosen and cut to fit the correct time frame. All showcase divisions may use any type or number of tricks, lifts or dips.

“Just Dance” means that a category is strictly a lead - follow dance, during a minute and a half time frame, where the DJ will play a song of his choice to reflect the genre and level of the dance. In these categories dips are allowed, however lifts and tricks are not allowed and competitors will be disqualified immediately.  

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