** The Miami Latin Dance Championships will take place on Sunday July 30th, 2017 at The Miami Salsa Congress

10:00am Competitors Meeting. All competitors will meet at The UV Latin Dance Online Booth in the lobby. Competitors will be briefed on rules, regulations and procedures during the competition. A schedule and an estimated timeline will be posted in the main ballroom so you will know who will be in your heats and what time your heats will roughly run. Competitors should have already picked up their event bracelets from the registration desk.

3:00pm Call time for all competitors in the main ballroom. Use this time to claim a space in the ballroom to put your things down, stretch and prepare.

4:00pm Competition Begins. There will be a floor manager lining up each couple several heats prior to your time. Please pay attention, be conscious of what time your heat is up and listen for your number to be called. If you are not present for your heat, you are automatically disqualified and will not be refunded any registration fees.

8:00pm Competition ends and a short show will take place. Please stay in the ballroom in costume because the awards ceremony will be directly after. 

8:30pm Awards ceremony. The top three couples in each category will be announced and will receive a medal. 

9:00pm The competition comes to an end and the evening showcase will begin promptly.

Schedule Sunday July 30, 2017

The 2017 Miami Latin Dance Championships